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happymash 10 reasons to masturbate

10 Reasons To Masturbate!

1. Everyone does it!

Studies have shown that 72% to 85% of women masturbate (the numbers were higher when the participants were attached to a lie detector!!)


2. It makes partner sex better

Research has proven that women who masturbate have significantly more orgasms, greater sexual desire, higher self-esteem, and greater marital and sexual satisfaction, and required less time to sexual arousal. 


3. Women who masturbate have more positive views of their sexual selves

The same studies show that they are more able to recognise and acknowledge their sexual needs. We must know what we want and how to get it!


4. It’s good for your health!

Masturbation has been shown to reduce your risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes... age is no limit!


5. It improves mental health

Sexual excitement releases dopamine, orgasms release endorphins and oxytocin. The happy brain chemicals!


6. Women who masturbate sleep better

Oxytocin also helps you have a deeper and more restful sleep!


7. It relieves pelvic cramps

Yes, masturbation can help relieve those painful periods!


8. It’s a stress-reliever

What better way to unwind and refocus than to experience the ultimate me time!


9. Masturbation helps strengthen pelvic floor muscles

Forget Keigel, just masturbate! POW! (Sorry Keigel)


10. The path to multiple orgasms...

It’s the best way to experiment unleashing the ultimate female superpower! The Clitoris and the multiple-orgasm...


Do any of these shock you?


Are you already planning your next me time


What are your favourite vibrators or toys to use on yourself, by yourself?


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