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5 Reasons To Try This Alternative Kegel Exercise Post Pregnancy

When new Mums think of post-pregnancy Kegel exercises, they think "great...another thing I must remember to do!" Who has the time to tense and tone our internals when we've just been stretched and torn to oblivion?


For some of you super Mammas post-pregnancy, you may also be nursing a perineal tear or cut from birth, and don't get me started on post-birth trauma. I like to think of these as badges of honour, part of the 'Mum Club' which is an absolute delightful club to be a part of.... well maybe after the first year!


For me, my battle scars consist of a twice-entered Cesarian scar and a tiger stripe stretch mark belly which is forever wobbling when I run – worth it! Needless to say, Kegel exercises are understandably far down our list!


I am writing to you legendary women to give you some good news (for once). Yes, imagine that - GOOD NEWS! There is an excellent type of alternative Kegel 'exercise' you can be doing right now to help your pelvic floor which combines a number of beneficial outcomes post-pregnancy, for your baby, for your partner and most importantly for you (and your pelvic floor)!


Masturbation. Easy and pleasurable… and here are the reasons why:


  1. It helps strengthen your pelvic floor. Studies have shown that regular orgasms tense the muscles within your pelvic floor in a much stronger way than would have been achieved through Kegel exercises alone.
  2. Orgasms release happy brain chemicals! Dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin are released into your body directly after masturbating. I guarantee your mood will pick up after climaxing which always helps when you have had 4 hours of broken sleep over the past 24 hours
  3. Relaxed and happy mothers make for happier babies
  4. It’s the ultimate stress-reliever. Body still not ready for exercise? What better way to unwind and refocus than to climax and feel your body deflate into a ball of happiness?
  5. It may lead to a different type of happiness – a new chapter in your sexual relationship with your partner.


If the sexual relationship you have with your partner feels like it’s suffering or is non-existent post-pregnancy… that is completely normal!! It takes time to even think about sexual intercourse again after giving birth. Most of us just feel so unsexy and so engrossed in the care and happiness of our child. Our partners generally have to take a backseat…for a while at least!


But getting back into the habit of having regular sex with your partner starts with you. You must be kind to yourself and learn how your body has changed and how to deal with that.


For example you may prefer external clitoral stimulation for a while and this is something you should consider exploring with various pleasure products available on my store, because they are for women by women! For this I would recommend Play – a cute and approachable entry into the world of pleasure products. This one is definitely for women and is all about the clitoris with varying settings available for beginners or for women who already know themselves.


We all need to know ourselves intimately, know what we like, know what we love and in exactly which spot! Because if we do not know ourselves, we cannot ask our partners to do the things that work for us. And in turn our sexual relationships become partner-led. This is not interesting to us… and where is the incentive when you’re absolutely shattered when your head hits the pillow?


Masturbation really is the first step. Your partners need not know! But let me tell you they are guaranteed to be turned on at the thought of it. So never be ashamed, be proud. You are a strong, powerful women who knows how to enjoy your own body independently.


It really is that simple. And masturbation does not need be to be that complicated. In fact, for you busy Mums the most difficult thing will be finding the time by yourself or when your little bundle is asleep.


I am telling you now, all you have to do is let your mind wander and explore what images, scenarios and fantasies turn you on the most.


Many women love to use a pleasure product such as a vibrator and lubricant, and I can certainly recommend some simple options that are guaranteed to work for you - a vibrator for fun and a lubricant to avoid vaginal dryness (always a drag post-partum!)


Check out my other blog posts on masturbation, self-care, the benefits of lubricant and the importance of needing to know yourself.


My Know Yourself pleasure product range is also available to buy in store now!


Comment below and let me know your experiences… comments can be anonymous or under a pseudonym.



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