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Feminist: Unashamedly, vocally, proudly and loudly

It’s true, I am a feminist. I am unashamedly, vocally, proudly and loudly a feminist.

Like feminism, happymash is not about men, it’s about women. It’s about how we feel about ourselves, it’s about how we support each other and it’s about being ok with who we are, who we are not, how we look and how we feel about ourselves and our bodies. This ethos, like feminism, is something we inherently pass on to our daughters and I think more importantly, to our sons.

When I was brainstorming a blog post on the subject, I couldn’t help but think of the #metoo campaign. It has empowered women all over the world to feel solidarity in standing up for themselves when encountering sexual assault, sexual harassment or when reporting such crimes to the authorities. It highlights the importance of consent, at any age and it is definitely something I want to write about in another blog unto itself – it’s too important not to!

I believe the themes from the #metoo campaign inherently link in with the message I want to convey through my blog. Women must know themselves in order to be able to ask for what they want during sex or foreplay. How many of us feel or have felt in the past, that sex with a partner was really all about their pleasure, and not about your own? Do you think you would feel selfish or unwomanly to put your own pleasure before your partner’s? And do you worry that you might be described as slutty or promiscuous for doing so?

If you’re choosing supportive, emotionally responsive, caring and trustworthy partners, it honestly should not be a problem for you to ask for your own pleasure, the way you want it. And if anything, this will probably be a turn on for them! And if your partners are not responsive to these actions, consider your relationship, or at the very least make more time for yourself and masturbation if that is not possible.

Whether you prefer to use your hands or a vibrator, it is essential for women and girls who are going through puberty, to feel an acceptance of female masturbation as being commonplace and accepted. Thankfully the wonder of modern technology means that vibrators are often very quiet so you need not wake up the whole house when using one!

So get out there and pass on the message - touch yourselves more! Get to know yourself intimately by making time for your own wellness and self-care and know yourself. Why not choose which product would suit you the best at my store?

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