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Intersectionality - Black Lives Matter & Feminism - happymash

Intersectionality & Feminism: How the Fourth Wave of Feminism Is All About Inclusivity


‘We’re All In This Together’

happymash is all about

  • Women’s sexual equality
  • Encouraging to Women be loud and proud of their sexual desires
  • Liberating Women from feeling trapped in conventional stereotypes…

But what if you are a Women who is already trapped by so many other, often more serious conventions such as those depriving Black Women in today’s westernised societies?

Intersectionality affects many different aspects of our communities who have daily and often silent struggles with discrimination. I cannot imagine having to deal with this on such a regular basis, nor worry about my children having to deal with the same as they grow up.

As a white woman living in Australia, I am very aware of the fact that the Black Lives Matter protests going on around the world are absolutely relevant to our communities, despite not having massive immigrant populations by comparison. Indeed this is almost more of a reason to get involved in the BLM campaign and to teach our children about what is going on just now, so that they can grow up with diversity and equality as the norm! Imagine!

Whilst at an Aboriginal Lives Matter protest last weekend, I realised that there are far too many White People I know who are happy to support these causes and who are actively ‘not racist’, but who cannot count themselves as ‘anti-racist’.

If you live in a predominantly white neighbourhood or city, if you mostly hang out with white people without even realising you had made that choice, if you feel these campaigns are irrelevant to you and your life – these messages are for you!

“be the change that you wish to see in the world”

As Mahatma Gandhi said we must “be the change that you wish to see in the world” and I for one have been desperately trying to do just that since the BLM campaign burst into the media once again at the beginning of the month.

Can you say that you have looked into every facet of your lives and wondered if there is anything you could change to become more inclusive? Or have you begun to question others when they are being racist or passively racist?

We CAN be the change we all NEED to see in the world.

Have you begun to notice that your loved ones around you find it difficult to understand parts of the BLM campaign? Have you noticed your children asking for the first time, what the BLM campaign is all about and why there are people fighting on the nightly news?

How have you been explaining these issues to your children?

Have you been to any BLM or ALM protests?

Do you experience daily passive or aggravated racism in your lives?

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