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Life in the Time of Corona

I am writing to you, my first readers, in the hope that you will come along with me on a journey into the new world! As I started planning for this site, it was with the intention to create interesting and helpful (maybe fun?!) content regarding sexual wellbeing for women like you to read and to take on in your lives - no matter what stage you're at - however then something crazy happened... a global pandemic (cue overly-dramatic sound effect).

Without wanting to worry, (continue to) panic-buy, shave our heads or buy a batch in the outback and start my own vegetable patch (I wonder how much laying chickens are?), I decided to take this pandemic head on. So I have donned my virtual face mask, have some anti-bacterial wipes for my computer screen and I am going to use this time to my advantage. The clever little bugger is probably used to being a nuisance to us all but I am going to treat it as my muse! A guide to dealing with life in the time of Corona. A guide to love in the time of Corona. And a guide to all this extra thinking time we now have on our hands!

For many, not knowing what the future will hold is very anxiety-provoking. But I want to offer you a different perspective - the here and now. Let's enjoy the present together and deal with the future once we have control back in our lives. And the most important part of the present is you.

What have you been doing with the extra time you have in lockdown? Do you feel like you have NO extra time in lockdown with family constraints? How has it affected your relationships and prioritised what you hold dear? Are you being kind to yourself and getting enough headspace, exercise and have you ever considered that masturbation is also another key piece of your overall wellbeing jigsaw? Please continue to read my blog and know yourself.

Comment below… let’s start the discussion!


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