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Can We Talk About Lubricant?

Not many women use lube – why not? It’s a tool available for us to use to increase our comfort and pleasure during sex or masturbation. So why is it not top of our priority list when it comes to preparing for our relationship with sex?

Ok, maybe I’m getting ahead of myself… perhaps contraception and condoms for safe sex should be the top priority when preparing for sex, but what about for masturbation? Using lube during sex or masturbation can stop you from getting irritated or dry labia and can send that crotch killer packing – THRUSH!

Thrush really is the ultimate intimacy blocker – the thought of any sort of friction against your vagina when you have even the smallest dose of thrush is enough to put the brakes on any sort of female pleasure. So why isn’t lubricant recommended more often? Is it just that it is seen as some sort of tool only used in pornography or for men who are extreeeemely well-endowed?

Not long after giving birth, my hormones were taking their sweet time to get back to normal and I could not stop thrush from returning every few weeks. Eventually after going to my Doctor*, I got rid of it with medication and treatment. However the ongoing advice was to use lube during sex and this would stop my labia from becoming irritated again, inviting thrush straight back in. I couldn’t believe it when I used it for the first time and didn’t have any itchy repercussions the next day! What a simple solution and it made sex more fun. I now use lubricant every time I have sex or masturbate and I am even trying to source some organic, cruelty-free lubricant for my store so I can share this tip with others to complement my products.

There are in actual fact, a lot of different types of lubricant available on the market: there are oil-based, water-based, heat-sensory, pleasure-enhancing and even flavoured or scented lubes to make the whole experience (and perhaps the clean-up) even more fun!

I’ve rounded up a few of my favourites for you to try so please take a look and also check out my store so you can try some lubricant with one of my vibrators – happy days!

Comment below to let me know what you think of my suggestions. As always I love your feedback!



Made in New Zealand and sold throughout Australia and New Zealand, super silky and smooth due to its key ingredient, kiwifruit vine extract, Sylk lubricant is water-based and contains no harmful products such as petrochemicals, parabens, palm oil or animal derived ingredients. It is non-sticky, non-staining and does not contain fragrances or flavourings – win win! Prices start from $13.95. Visit for more information.

Yes Yes Yes Australia

Their website preaches  if sex is the question, then Yes is the answer! I love this! A fabulous company started by two women in the 1980s, Yes Yes Yes has gone from strength to strength. Using naturally-occurring plant-based products free from synthetic chemicals and mucosal irritants, they also specialise in menopausal products for vaginal dryness and irritability. Prices start from $14.95. Visit for more information.

Bonk Lube

Bonk Lube (great name) offers both water-based and oil-based lubricant, as well as an array of fun products for the bedroom – chocolates, candles, organic condoms and body oil. Certified Organic, cruelty-free, made from natural-products and local to New Zealand and Australia, what more could you want? Prices start from $14.99. Visit for more information.

*Please always seek the advice of a qualified physician should you experience any ailments discussed in my blog.

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