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Sex & Menopause: Why The End of Menstruation Shouldn't Terminate Your Sex Life

A survey conducted by the British Menopause Society in 2017 found that 51% of women felt that their menopause had affected their sex lives, and 42% of the women also said that they just didn’t feel as sexy since experiencing the menopause.

Your sex life should not terminate at menopause.

You deserve to feel sexy.

The effect menopause has on our sexual desire and libido is largely psychological, not physiological. Your sex life should not terminate at menopause. You deserve to feel sexy.

Your body is an amazing machine and accessing its ability to provide sexual pleasure should be a key part of your mental and physical wellbeing.

Self-pleasure is an essential part of achieving this wellbeing. It helps you build body confidence and develop an understanding of what works for you, especially as your body changes through menopause.

Happymash Women Lying In Bed

Vaginal dryness and atrophy (thinning of the skin) are common symptoms, so the way you approach that pleasure may change slightly, but it isn’t a barrier to a fulfilling sexual experience.

Here are four tips to help you find the amazing sex life you deserve long after menopause…


1. Talk to your doctor

Your GP, gynecologist or family doctor can talk to you about ways to help alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms of menopause. If it makes you more comfortable, you can ask to see a female doctor.

Happymash Hormone Replacement Therapy HRT Chat with Doctor

In the past, some women were put off by the well publicised risks associated with Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). However more recent research suggests that these risks were overstated, and more women than ever are now experiencing it’s huge benefits.

Your doctor can also chat to you about alternatives, such as vaginal oestrogen creams, which can help prevent dryness and atrophy (thinning of the skin). There are also countless alternative and psychological therapies that many women have found life-changing. So please go and ask.


2. Talk to your partner!

The same 2017 study by the British Menopause Society found that 38% of partners felt helpless when supporting their partner through menopause.

Let’s face it, most male partners won’t have a clue about the menopause, so having a frank discussion about the changes you are experiencing will likely put them at ease too. 

Female partners may be able to help through their own lived experiences, or from information they have sought from other sources or from friends.

Exploring your body on your own and then talking about what works for you with your partner can be exciting and will often open up new sexual territories that you never thought you would both explore!

The key is to talk with any trust friend as much as you can as this will also help to break the stigma that surrounds menopause.


3. Lubricate!

There’s good reason why your local store or pharmacy has shelves full of a rich variety of lubricants – because they work!

Lubricants make sex better, full stop.

Happymash Shopping for Lubricant at The Store

But after menopause, when vaginal dryness can become more prominent, they are fantastic, either for self-pleasure or with your partner. They also feel silky smooth, can smell sensuously good and enhance foreplay. I honestly wouldn’t have sex without it. 


4. Find a good vibrator and use it!

Happymash Basket of Women's Vibrators

Many of us have only experienced self-pleasure using our hands, but after menopause your vagina and clitoris can become more sensitive. Fortunately, there are now products on the market that don’t involve direct pressure on the clitoris.

If you’re one of those countless women who in the past, have been put off by overly intense vibrators, you can now experience the amazing pleasure that vibrators can provide at your own preference.

Air technology vibrators stimulate the clitoris through gentle pulses of air or suction. A study in 2016 of post-menopausal women found that 100% reached orgasm with these devices, and 86% reached orgasm in 5-10 minutes!

Amazing Vibrator Options for Menopausal and Post-Menopausal Women

I would recommend two of products from my The Know Yourself Range for women experiencing the menopause:

Pause (no pun intended)

A cute and inviting palm pal, Pause invites you to get to Know Yourself by using its unique shape and multiple functions.

Use its flexible and bendy clip-like sides to circle around your clitoris by using the technique known as 'edging'. This will control the intensity you desire and get you to your climax at your own pace.

Perfect for women who experience over-sensitivity or atrophy of the labia and clitoral hood.

Check it out HERE.


Escape is the SIGNATURE PRODUCT from my  Know Yourself Range.

Escape is the creme de la creme of multi-use vibrators. Boasting long-length, girth and multiple vibration modes, its main feature of course is its clitoral suction or clitoral air-pulsing modes.

Aimed at simulating oral-sex for women, Escape's ribbed vibrating shaft will give you pleasure of options from both ends of its shape.

Use with your free sample of Sylk Lubricant for best results and work your way up from a tickle to a treat!

And the best part is you don't even have to ask or say thank you afterwards.

Check out Escape HERE.

For more information on menopause, I would really recommend the British Menopause Society's website where they have multiple informative videos.

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