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Taking Back Our Bits - A Feminist's Guide To Our Own Anatomy

As a Feminist, I am a massive advocate for women’s sexual wellbeing (how could you tell?) and I think that self-care and your sexuality should be a part of your daily/weekly routine. It is also enormously important that this be established initially without the influence of a partner or lover.
Do you know yourself? Do you know your own anatomy? It’s important to your yourself intimately before you can fully be intimate with partner – how else will you know what to ask for?
For instance, how many of us can say that we even know what our own vulva and clitoris look like? And how many of us even feel uncomfortable saying these words out loud or seeing them written down in a blog such as this? Go on! Please take a look in the mirror and get to know yourself – you are beautiful!
And whilst we are on the topic, why do we find it more difficult to use anatomical words like vulva, labia or vagina when penis and testicles are commonplace in everyday language? List all the words you can think of to describe male genitalia, whether they be medical or colloquial words and decide what you feel more comfortable saying out loud – those words or their female equivalents?
Female equivalents are often seen as rude, disrespectful or crass words which should not be used in public and which a ‘lady’ should never use. Why are our bits such a ‘sticky point’ in societies around the world?
Why should we have to feel coy about using vocabulary to discuss our own body parts? These are the parts of us that give us pleasure and bear life to new generations. Our vaginas should be celebrated and we should be proud of our vulvas! Clitoris not a naughty word!
Now… where is that hand held mirror?
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