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CONTROL puts the power of pleasure back into your hands.

Its internal stimulation paired with silky soft clitoral massager, ensures you will feel pleasure from all angles at your own pace.

My best seller by far, its uniquely shaped rabbit ears will encase your clitoris in bliss. Use them on your clitoris by themselves, or in combination with the smooth-headed shaft internally.

Unsure where you want to focus?

CONTROL offers all options with 8 vibration patterns and a vibration increase button to build the intensity to your desire.

Watch the rabbit ears as they start off with a low rumble and increase to an explosion of high frequency vibes leading you to your climax.

If you want to practice self-love with minimal effort but with maximum benefit - let CONTROL do all the work.

Combine with your free sample of organic lubricant to make you time into special time. BOOM!


ESCAPE is the signature product from the Know Yourself Range.

The creme-de-la-creme of multi-use vibrators, it boasts long-length, girth and multiple vibration modes (17 in total). Its main feature is of course, its clitoral suction and clitoral air-pulsing modes for which there are 4 of each.

Try these settings with your free sample of organic lubricant for best results and work your way up from a tickle to a treat! And the best part is you don't even have to ask or say thank you afterwards.

Aimed at simulating oral-sex for women, ESCAPE also has a ribbed vibrating shaft, so really is two vibrators in one. Give the heat stick setting a try for an additional sensation.

Use it internally as a regular vibrator to angle inside to your favourite pleasure spots and let the vibrations work their magic.

The versatility of this product also means it can be used in partner play, it’s heat stick willing to go anywhere and everywhere! 

ESCAPE's strong suction mode will make you feel phenomenal - your easiest and most fun purchase of the year!


Super duper little pressies to dish out to your wife, girlfriend, mates - what a pleasure it is to have a friend like you!



A cute and inviting palm pal, PAUSE invites you to get to know yourself by using its unique shape and multiple functions (9 in total).

Combined with its various vibration modes, PAUSE will quickly help you to find what you're looking for.

Use its flexible and bendy clip-like sides to circle around your clitoris by using the technique known as 'edging'. By teasing around your clitoris with this clip vibrator, you can control the intensity and desire and get you to your climax at your own pace.

Increase the vibes to your own preference with the ‘vibrate increase’ button which starts off with a low rumbling buzz and gradually moves to a high frequency pleasure pow! The choice is yours…

Some women even love to use PAUSE during intercourse as well! It’s small size means it won’t get in your way and will make for an amazing clitoral orgasm combined with penetration.

Efficient, versatile and sophisticated, this vibrator is perfect for women who love to focus on their clitoris and know exactly what they want and where.

And the pink and gold finish are so en trend!


An alluring little device fit for the palm of your handthis clitoral stimulator is the perfect pleasure companion and bedside drawer inhabitant. 

This vibrator is designed for women who want to focus on their clitoris but prefer something softer and flexible.

Tease it's friendly ears down and around your clitoral hood to beckon spine-tingling vibes, and use its plump and low-rumbling head for a versatile sensation. 

I would recommend this little bunny for women post-birth, or experiencing menopausal symptoms as PLAY really is 'go at your own pace'.

PLAY's cute rabbit ears are perfect for edging around your clitoris and its variety of 8 vibrate patterns mean you can ramp up the vibes or slow down and relax.



Power is your ultimate bullet-style clitoral stimulator.

With it's cute and innocent turquoise and silver trim, it is squeaky-clean, it is upstanding and outstanding.

Its supple medical-grade silicone has been designed to its thinnest quality to ensure you receive the optimum vibration sensation.

Palm-sized, broad, modern and compact, Power can be easily transported discreetly and can be used in 8 vibrate settings for the ultimate pleasure experience at our most affordable price.

Its width means it can be used around the inner labia as well as on or around the clitoral hood - perfect for edging, a technique used to enhance and prolong orgasms.

Small but powerful, do not underestimate this little bullet.


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