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Anna Walsh Founder Of Happymash Anna Walsh Founder Of Happymash
Anna Walsh Happymash
Anna is a businesswoman, mother and feminist. Frustrated by engendered stereotypes and attitudes around women and sex, she created happymash as an online space where women would feel comfortable learning about and discussing their sexual wellness.

Growing up, Anna was confused and disheartened by the cultural norms that made women feel reluctant and embarrassed to nourish such an enjoyable and liberating core to their mental and physical wellbeing. Anna devotedly advocates that sex is a vital part of every woman’s health throughout her entire life, and that every woman should know how to access her body’s ability to give her pleasure.

Through a happy, helpful and hopeful online platform, Anna combines her original pleasure product range with her honest and relatable blog. Through happymash, she encourages you to gain the sexual wellness you deserve.
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