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Anna Walsh Sits By The Pool In A Tropical Garden
Hi I’m Anna, and I persuade women
to masturbate using pleasure products!

I'm ex-parliament, ex-government, ex-police, current feminist writer, equality activist, entrepreneur, mother, partner,
and I love supporting other female-run and owned businesses.

By creating happymash, a personal, unique, fun and friendly brand for women, I intend to boost your confidence in yourself,
improve your sexual wellness and give your intimate relationship
the boost you’ve been day dreaming of.
Anna From Happymash Reads The Feminine Mystique
What’s incredible about my start-up happymash is that I regularly persuade women to touch and pleasure
themselves for the good of their
physical and mental health

I’m still trying to figure out how
this translates into a job title!

My speciality is relating to other
and go-getter women
by connecting with them
through shared experiences.
Anna Walsh From Happymash Stands In A Tropical Garden Advocating For Women To Get To Know Themselves
As we all know, being female isn’t
always fabulous and sometimes we
all need a little lift from our peers.

I want to show you that this type of
sexual and sensual exploration is
for women just like you
no matter what stage of life you're at.

Like millions of women in Australia,
I struggled
to reconcile my new
‘Mom’ identity with my old self and
my intimate relationship
after becoming a Mum.
But I've closed my own orgasm gap,
which became glaringly obvious
after having children, by
making more time for my own pleasure
and maintaining a satisfying
intimate relationship with my partner.

Women don’t have to be saint or sinner.

We are allowed to be sexual!

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this revolutionary women’s movement.
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