10 Reasons To Masturbate


Do you feel ashamed or embarrassed to discuss masturbation and self-love?

Keep These Fantastic Reasons to Masturbate in Mind Next Time You Get That Urge or Require Urgent Stress Relief

1. Everyone does it

Did you know that studies have shown that 72% to 85% of women masturbate? Interestingly, the numbers were higher when the participants were attached to a lie detector.

2. It improves sex with an intimate partner

Research has proven that women who masturbate have significantly more orgasms, greater sexual libido, higher self-esteem and greater marital and sexual satisfaction. As if I need go on?! Women who masturbate and take care of their sexual wellness, also take less time to sexual arousal and require less help to naturally lubricate their vaginal canals.

10 Reasons To Masturbate

3. Women who masturbate have more positive views of their sexual selves

The same studies show that they are more able to recognise and acknowledge their sexual needs. We must know what we want and how to get it! This is so important to address because a woman’s sense of self is so intrinsically linked to our body image, body confidence and the gaze and judgements that we feel are thrust upon us by society – pun 100% intended.

4. It’s f*cking amazing for your health

Masturbation has been shown to reduce your risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes, and age is no limit! Studies show that better sexual function and more masturbation can increase our life expectancy and can provide anti-ageing qualities for our skin. It’s just damn good for us – and what could be wrong with that?

5. It improves mental health

Sexual excitement releases dopamine, orgasms release endorphins and oxytocin. The happy brain chemicals! Better and more satisfying sex lives also create stronger and better relationships – intimate or otherwise. Better body image and positivity are also improved which means our inner monologue will become more positive and accepting. The way we speak to ourselves matters and really affects our mental health.

6. Women who masturbate sleep better

Oxytocin also helps you have a deeper and more restful sleep. Try it! Get yourself comfortable in bed  little earlier this evening and try it out. Think of it like the homework you never had. Try one of these to make your session eeeeeextra.

7. It relieves pelvic cramps

Yes, masturbation can help relieve those painful periods! Sack the gym, going for a run or crunches. Get those pelvic floor muscles going and experience a great release across your abdomen in general after orgasm – perfect.

8. It’s a stress-reliever

It’s science fems! What better way to unwind and refocus than to experience the ultimate me time. Dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin – it’s a cocktail for contentedness.

9. Masturbation helps strengthen pelvic floor muscles

Forget Keigel, just masturbate! POW! (Sorry Keigel). And perhaps something more midwives and obstetricians should prescribe. Check out more here.

10. It’s the path to multiple orgasms…

More masturbation (ie, practice) is the best way to experiment unleashing the ultimate female superpower! The Clitoris and the multiple-orgasm… Once you’re there you’re there and you will want to return again and again and again…

So there you have it. Not. One. Downside. It’s undeniable – tell your daughters, sisters and mothers and let’s start to destigmatise masturbation and pleasure for women. It’s a human right!

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