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The Know Yourself Range for Vibrators For Women.

improving your sexual wellness, one orgasm at a time.

Pleasurable and sensual vibrators for women to suit any and all of your need. Recharge and buzz your way into a healthier, more satisfying and delicious sex lifesolo or with a partner – by using The Know Yourself Range and our collection of unique and exclusively designed and produced vibrators for women. Choose your favourite shape, size, function, and type of stimulation and you’ll be walking with a spring in your step and winging your way to better mental and physical health. Whether a G-Spot Vibrator, Rabbit-Style Vibrator or a Clitoral Air Pulse Vibrator, happymash has them all!

Rabbit Vibrators for Vulvas.

Rabbit Vibrators are an essential part of every vulva-haver’s sex toys collection. The Rabbit Vibrator was made famous by Sex and the City, the Rabbit Vibrator features a shaft for internal stimulation and a clitoral stimulator, which is sometimes shaped like rabbit ears.


Are you craving a little more passion and pizzazz during your self-care masturbation routine? Do you want to feel a new kind of sensation that’s both titillating and extremely satisfying? Then you simply must have a Rabbit Vibrator in your nightstand. 


This glorious sex toy is one of the most pleasurable adult lifestyle products, made for vulva-havers who like to take charge and experience colours of fireworks in between the sheets. A flirty and sensational sex toy ready to take you on new adventures with every blissful thrust.


What is a Rabbit Vibrator?

A Rabbit Vibrator is a vibrating sex toy that’s usually phallic-shaped. They’re the perfect little treasure, capable of sending shivers down your spine, sinfully delicious orgasms, and big smiles all round.  


A Rabbit Vibrator is the ultimate pleasure product, as it not only delights with internal G-Spot stimulation, but also teases and stimulates the clitoris too. 


It has its claim to fame from the infamous TV show, Sex and the City, episode The Turtle and the Hare. In it, you’ll spot a magnificent Rabbit Vibrator that was, at the time, a best seller at a sex shop in New York. 


Today, the Rabbit Vibrator is still a top choice, made for pure luxurious trysts and lots of toe-curling climaxes. A blended orgasm is always on the agenda when you indulge in this sexy little treat.



How to Use a Rabbit Vibrator

Now that we’ve piqued your interest, we’re here to remove any uncertainties you have about using this life-changing sex toy. Learn how to use a Rabbit Vibrator, and you’ll be on the next plane to Orgasm Land in no time.

6 Steps and Rabbit Vibrator Techniques

Step one: find your favourite rabbit vibrator by browsing all of the various treasures. Choose a toy that suits your style, sexual needs, and catches your eye.


Step two: once received, and charged/inserted with batteries, you can start to tease yourself using the different vibration speeds and patterns. Try indulging in a bit of nipple stimulation, or tantalise any other erogenous zone that’ll get your blood pumping. Then, when you’re ready you could use your rabbit vibrator in a number of different ways, because… why not?


Our sexual desires change from day to day, minute to minute. Some days, you may crave internal stimulation, another you may pine after external stimulation. Or, you could be craving dual stimulation, resulting in beautiful blended orgasms. Try out these different techniques with your Rabbit Vibrator…


Step Three, Use the toy for external stimulation only: you can use the external nub to create all kinds of euphoria on various parts of the body, including the clitoris and vulva. 


Step Four, Bask in dual stimulation: by inserting the phallic-like arm, and having the nub rest perfectly against your sweet spot, you can experience two different kinds of stimulation, simultaneously. A true win when it comes to your best pleasure. 


Step Five, Thrust: some Rabbit Vibrators are able to thrust for you, others will give you the freedom to move it according to your own rhythm and speed. 


Step Six, Grind: move the shaft back and forth and grind on the clitoral nub to result in an incredible G-Spot and clit massage.

Should You Buy a Rabbit Vibrator?

If you’re the type of person who is unapologetically seeking the utmost sexual pleasure, then you definitely should buy a Rabbit Vibrator. 


This sexy pleasure product is an absolute classic, and with today’s technology, you’re looking at a slew of tantalising sex toys that serve only one purpose: your pleasure.

Refresh G-Spot Vibrator for Women.

perfect for women looking to explore themselves intimately.

With its large and shapely head, this G-Spot Vibrator can be used internally to angle and tingle those-hard-to-get places like the G-Spot which offer so much pleasure. This really is for women!

REFRESH G-Spot Vibrator has a large shapely head which can also be used externally on your clitoris, and its vibrations offer something for even the most seasoned vibrator user with its ‘vibrate increase’ button which starts off low and rumbling and moves to high frequency vibes, guaranteed to get you to your climax. This really is for women by women!

Already use vibrators for women on a regular basis? If you’re looking for a reliable all-round G-Spot vibrator for women to have on hand, the REFRESH G-Spot Vibrator is also our choice for partners. Its vibrant colour and approachable shape, means any one can use it in a variety of areas. Like the G-Spot! Sometimes you just need something without all the bells and whistles. So try the REFRESH G-Spot Vibrator today, to start your self-love journey, or use it to introduce something different into the bedroom. Good vibes!

Control Rabbit Style Vibrator for Women.

the original rabbit vibrator for women never goes amiss.

CONTROL puts the power of pleasure back into your hands.

Unsure where you want to focus?

CONTROL is a Rabbit Vibrator for Women which offers all options with eight vibration patterns and a vibration increase button to build the intensity to your desire.

Watch the Rabbit Style ears as they start off with a low rumble and increase to an explosion of high frequency vibes leading you to your climax.

Our best seller by far, its uniquely shaped Rabbit ears will encase your clitoris in bliss. Use them on your clitoris by themselves, or in combination with the smooth-headed shaft internally.

CONTROL’s Rabbit Style internal stimulation paired with silky soft clitoral massager, ensures you will feel pleasure from all angles at your own pace.

If you want to practice self-love with minimal effort but with maximum benefit – let CONTROL do all the work.

Escape Clitoris Suction Vibrator for Women.

ultimately three vibrators in one.

The ESCAPE Clitoris Suction Vibrator for Women is the signature product from the Know Yourself Range.

ESCAPE’s main feature is of course, its clitoral suction and clitoral air-pulsing modes for which there are four of each. The creme-de-la-creme of multi-use Vibrators for Women, it boasts long-length, girth and multiple vibration modes (17 in total).

Use it internally as a G-Spot Vibrator to angle inside to your favourite pleasure spots and let the vibrations work their magic. Give the delightful heat stick setting a try for an additional sensation.

Aimed at simulating oral-sex for Women, the ESCAPE Clitoris Suction Vibrator also has a ribbed vibrating shaft, so really is two vibrators in one.

The versatility of this product also means it can be used in partner play, its heat stick willing to go anywhere and everywhere!

Play Mini Rabbit Vibrator for Women.

ultimately three vibrators in one.

An alluring little device fit for the palm of your hand, the PLAY Mini Rrabbit Vibrator for Women is the perfect pleasure companion and bedside drawer inhabitant.

Tease PLAY’s friendly Mini Rabbit ears down and around your clitoral hood to beckon spine-tingling vibes, and use its plump and low-rumbling head for a versatile sensation. PLAY Mini Mabbit really is a Vibrator for Women!

PLAY’s cute Rabbit ears are perfect for edging around your clitoris and its variety of eight vibrate patterns mean you can ramp up the vibes or slow down and relax.

This Mini Rabbit Vibrator is designed for Women who want to focus on their clitoris but prefer something softer and flexible.

We would recommend this little bunny for Women post-birth, or experiencing menopausal symptoms as the PLAY Mini Rabbit really is ‘go at your own pace‘.



Command Clitoral Air-Pulse Vibrator for Women.

your new bestie. seriously - you won't need another.

 Modern, chic and smooth, COMMAND accepts your invitation to the bedroom. She will grace your nightstand with pride and glory – she is not to be hidden away. COMMAND Clitoral Air-Pulse Vibrator is your ultimate clitoral caresser. By using a range of sonic vibrations, pleasure shall wing its way through your body through her pulsing song via air-pulse.

COMMAND Clitoral Air-Pulse Vibrator for Women features a soft silicone opening which you can gently place over your clitoral hood to start your self-pleasure routine: this is healthcare at its most fun! Then press her fire-belly button to choose which of her 10 vibration settings work best for you. She really has been made for vulvas!

COMMAND Clitoral Air-Pulse Vibrator for Women is best used with personal lubricant over your clitoral hood to enhance pleasure and sensations. COMMAND can be used solo or with a partner during foreplay. In every situation, you are guaranteed to reach your climax, encasing your clitoris in bliss!

So put the COMMAND Clitoral Air-Pulse Vibrator for Womenin the post today, to start your self-love journey, or use it to introduce something different into the bedroom

Power Bullet Vibrator for Women.

your ultimate bullet-style clitoral stimulator.

With the POWER Bullet Vibrator’s cute and innocent turquoise and silver trim, it is squeaky-clean and this bullet vibrator is upstanding and outstanding!

Its supple medical-grade silicone has been designed to its thinnest quality to ensure you receive the optimum vibration sensation through your clitoris.

Palm-sized, broad, modern and compact, the POWER Bullet Vibrator can be easily transported discreetly and can be used in eight vibrate settings for the ultimate pleasure experience at our most affordable price.

Its width means it can be used around the inner labia as well as on or around the clitoral hood – perfect for edging, a technique used to enhance and prolong orgasms.

This POWER Bullet Vibrator is small but powerful, do not underestimate this little bullet.

Pause Clitoris Clip Vibrator for Women.

clip to your heart's content.

A cute and inviting palm pal, the PAUSE Clitoris Clip Vibrator invites you to get to know yourself by using its unique shape and multiple functions (nine in total). Combined with its various vibration modes, PAUSE Clitoris Clip Vibrator will quickly help you to find what you’re looking for.

Use PAUSE’s flexible and bendy clip-like sides to circle and clip around your clitoris by using the technique known as ‘edging’. By teasing around your clitoris with this clip on vibrator, you can control the intensity and desire and get you to your climax at your own pace.

Increase the vibes to your own preference with the ‘vibrate increase’ button which starts off with a low rumbling buzz and gradually moves to a high frequency pleasure pow! The choice is yours…

Some vulva-havers even love to use the PAUSE Clitoris Clip on Vibrator during intercourse. Its small size means it doesn’t get in your way and makes for an amazing clitoral orgasm when combined with penetration.

Efficient, versatile and sophisticated, this is the perfect vibrator for women who love to focus on their clitoris and know exactly what they want and where.

And the pink and gold finish are so en trend!


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