the know yourself range.

  • Control Rabbit Style Vibrator

    control rabbit style vibrator.

  • Pause Clitoris Clip On Vibrator

    pause clitoris clip on vibrator.

  • Sale! Play Mini Rabbit Vibrator

    play mini rabbit vibrator.

  • Sale! Power Bullet Vibrator For Women

    power bullet vibrator.

  • Refresh G-Spot Vibrator

    refresh g-spot vibrator.

  • Escape Clitoris Suction Vibrator

    escape clitoris suction vibrator.

  • Sylk Organic Water Based Lubricant

  • Lucy Lube Vegan Water Based Lubricant

    Lucy Lube Vegan Water Based Lubricant

  • Command Clitoral Air Pulse Vibrator

    command clitoral air-pulse vibrator.


the know yourself range for vibrators for women.

improving your sexual wellness, one orgasm at a time

Pleasurable and sensual vibrators for women to suit any and all of your need. Recharge and buzz your way into a healthier, more satisfying and delicious sex lifesolo or with a partner – by using The Know Yourself Range and our collection of unique and exclusively designed and produced vibrators for women. Choose your favourite shape, size, function, and type of stimulation and you’ll be walking with a spring in your step and winging your way to better mental and physical health. Whether a G-Spot Vibrator, Rabbit-Style Vibrator or a Clitoral Air Pulse Vibrator, happymash has them all!

refresh g-spot vibrator.

perfect for women looking to explore themselves intimately

With its large and shapely head, this G-Spot Vibrator can be used internally to angle and tingle those-hard-to-get places like the G-Spot which offer so much pleasure. This really is for women!

REFRESH G-Spot Vibrator has a large shapely head which can also be used externally on your clitoris, and its vibrations offer something for even the most seasoned vibrator user with its ‘vibrate increase’ button which starts off low and rumbling and moves to high frequency vibes, guaranteed to get you to your climax. This really is for women by women!

Already use vibrators for women on a regular basis? If you’re looking for a reliable all-round G-Spot vibrator for women to have on hand, the REFRESH G-Spot Vibrator is also our choice for partners. Its vibrant colour and approachable shape, means any one can use it in a variety of areas. Like the G-Spot! Sometimes you just need something without all the bells and whistles. So try the REFRESH G-Spot Vibrator today, to start your self-love journey, or use it to introduce something different into the bedroom. Good vibes!