Head, Heart and Honeypot – The Feminine Wholeness(TM) Method


Have you ever heard of Connecting to Your Body through your Head, Heart and Honeypot?


These are the three core areas of our being. We are whole people and when it comes to self development and connecting to ourselves, it’s really important to look at all of ourselves, most importantly though, when we start to look at our sexuality, we must look at our whole self, as it is all interconnected.


Before I break this down any further, I want you to think back to a moment when you received some big news, didn’t feel yourself or you recognised something that needed ‘fixing’. Do you remember how you reacted? Did you instantly go into problem solving mode? Did you wallow or feel the spiral of anxiety? Did it feel too much and impossible?


This is often our initial reaction to big things. I believe the missing link to our reaction though, is understanding how to drop into the body and see how the body receives the information. Once we know how the body feels, then we can bring out the tools we know to bring ourselves comfort, know who to reach out to or give ourselves what we need.


Our sexuality and our relationship to sex needs a whole body response. Sex is not just in our head or in our genitals, it is our whole body. This is why we need to create a relationship with this part of ourselves. Let’s break it down a little more to connect the dots.


🧠 The Head Refers to Our Mind (Knowledge)

Our mind is powerful and it’s where we store knowledge, information and create stories. Understanding how to harness this part of our body for what works for you is crucial to the step towards more pleasure. This is empowered imagination, allowing our brain to partner with us and maximise on what our brain is good at (which is not overthinking!).


❤️ The Heart Refers to Our Soul (Intuition)

The heart space is where we feel the tugs and the desires to pursue certain areas, to slow down life and then in turn, feel more pleasure. The heart tugs at our intuition speaking and if we aren’t familiar with it, we often aren’t sure what we’re hearing or feeling. This is emotional mastery, to befriend our emotions, to know how to move through them rather than around them and to tune into the wisdom our body holds.


🍯 The Honeypot Refers to Our Sexuality (Pleasure)

The honeypot, our pelvic region, is the centre of our sexuality, pleasure, creativity and all the gooey, warmth. Connecting to this part of our being becomes much easier when we have the Head and Heart aligned, we then make space for the honeypot (pleasure). This is embodied confidence, harnessing our sexual energy to be able to create surety which sinks into our body and enables our body to remember what confidence, pleasure and goodness feels like.


DOING and BEING Energy


Connecting to our wholeness, to our body, is the antidote to displeasure. 


Think about the kind of sex you’re having right now, is it whole bodied, meaning do you feel confident, sexy, out of your head, full of pleasure? Or do you get caught up in your head, concerned with how you look, worrying about the dishes (the mental load is real!).


Let’s talk about energy for a minute. There are two types of energies we often revert to the DOING energy and the BEING energy. You might have heard these referred to before a masculine and feminine energies but I like to avoid that term to make sure non-binary people can relate and reflect.


We live in a DOING world, it’s very easy to get caught up in the hustle and continue to do it until we get burnt out. The BEING energy invites us to slow down, to drop into our body, to listen to our intuition. This is completely outside of the patriarchal society we exist in, so it takes time to rewire our thinking to choose the opposite way to live and be. 


The DOING energy is when we get caught up in our head, but the BEING energy is when we can drop into our body and embody the moment we’re in.


This is the concept of the Feminine WholenessTM Method, to let go of the DOING (but utilise it when necessary) and embody the BEING. Tune into your deep intuition, know when your body says yes or no, understand when you need to take a moment to drop out of your head. It’s a skill we’re harnessing to deeply know our HEAD, HEART and HONEYPOT.


*Note: the Head, Heart & Honeypot concept is the Feminine Wholeness(TM) Method and is created by @morgandaycecil and this is my own way of describing it and use it. 


Who Wrote This?

Jasmin Carman (she/her) is a Sexuality Coach at Conscious Sexuality and focuses on coaching people with vulvas on how to consciously connect to their sexuality and pleasure. Her own journey led her to exploring sexuality & connection to self and through this, Jasmin has learnt why sexuality needs to be conscious. Jasmin trained under Morgan Day Cecil in the Feminine Wholeness Method Certification and Tanya Koens “Navigating Intimate Pain” course.

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