Foreplay Tips and Why It’s Essential


If you’re someone who is interested in enhancing your relationships (with others but also yourself), and improving your sexual pow pows, you may or may not be surprised to know that one of the most important parts of intimacy is often overlooked or rushed through



Oh yes!

First if you want to play? Then make sure you foreplay.

Because for us vulva-owners, foreplay paves the way for mind-blowing orgasms and avoidance of painful and friction-full sexual activity.

As a vulva-owner, it makes for a better orgasm if you stimulate your clitoris before engaging in sexual acts like vaginal penetration. Any stimulation to the clitoris (externally or internally) is going to engorge the clitoris glands, which you can feel growing in size inside your vaginal walls, and will make for a much better sensation if you decide to go for intercourse or penetration. And even without those acts, your body will be super excited by this point, meaning you could even benefit from techniques such as edging or digital play before climaxing.

Foreplay is essential because it:


  • helps to build anticipation
  • establishes intimacy
  • establishes a foundation of good communication (and therefore trust and consent conversations)
  • promotes physical and emotional bonding between partners


When done correctly, it can be a fun and exciting part of any sexual encounter, leading to a more satisfying experience for both partners.


But what exactly is foreplay, and why is it so important?

​As the owner of a sex toy brand, you may imagine me sitting behind my keyboard rubbing my hands. So let’s get it out the way. SEX TOYS of course!


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But it’s not all SALES SALES SALES at  happymash.

And foreplay can involve a range of activities like:


  • kissing (lips or elsewhere)


  • hugging, rubbing against each other’s body parts


  • touching erogenous areas of the body


  • oral sex – starting slowly and building up


  • even light BDSM, dress ups, role play…


Foreplay is essentially anything that helps to create arousal and get both partners in the mood for sex. And foreplay can also help to address any sexual issues or concerns that either partner may have, such as performance anxiety, discomfort or pain during sex, or difficulty achieving orgasm.

By taking the time to engage in foreplay, couples can relax and explore each other’s bodies in a safe and comfortable way.


So if you want to take your relationship to the next level, don’t underestimate the importance of foreplay. Take the time to explore each other’s bodies, communicate your needs and desires, and enjoy the many benefits of this essential aspect of intimacy.


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