pause clitoris clip on vibrator.



cute and inviting palm pal, PAUSE invites you to get to know yourself by using its unique shape and multiple functions (9 in total).

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Combined with its various vibration modes, PAUSE will quickly help you to find what you’re looking for.

Use PAUSE’s flexible and bendy clip-like sides to circle and clip around your clitoris by using the technique known as ‘edging’. By teasing around your clitoris with this clip on vibrator, you can control the intensity and desire and get you to your climax at your own pace.

Increase the vibes to your own preference with the ‘vibrate increase’ button which starts off with a low rumbling buzz and gradually moves to a high frequency pleasure pow! The choice is yours…

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Some women even love to use the PAUSE clip on vibrator during intercourse. It’s small size means it won’t get in your way and will make for an amazing clitoral orgasm when combined with penetration.

Efficient, versatile and sophisticated, this is the perfect vibrator for women who love to focus on their clitoris and know exactly what they want and where.

And the pink and gold finish are so en trend!

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Customer Reviews

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I just turned 40 and this is my first vibrator, and I'm wondering what took me so long! I've used it both solo and with my wife, and it's worked a treat both ways. I love the range of vibes, how soft it feels, and how easy it is to switch between the settings. I can tell I'll be getting a lot of use out of my Pause. Thanks Anna!

Versatile Power Play!

She might be little but the Pause really packs a punch or a pinch if you will! I really enjoyed how flexible this is to use in different ways to buzz, pinch, pulse and wrap around. I also loved how it can be used on different parts of your body almost like little (or big) kisses everywhere!

Jennifer Z
Love to Pause!

I bought Happymash's Pause vibrator. The Pause was packaged beautifully, with lube samples and a love note from Anna. It came quickly through express post, and I came quickly, slowly, and repeatedly using Pause. Absolutely recommend it - thanks Happymash! This is the first sex toy I bought for myself (after the disasterous hard plastic dildo a boyfriend bought for me years and years back - lol); Pause is too cute to be intimidating, and delivers the orgasmic goods.

Camille K

I really like this design and the way it feels. Such satisfying, slow yummy orgasms. Nice and soft too.

A very happy customer
A very very satisfied customer

I am 32 and it is my first sex toy. Not sure why I waited s long. Very happy with the purchase xxxxx