play mini rabbit vibrator.



An alluring little device fit for the palm of your handthe PLAY mini rabbit vibrator for women is the perfect pleasure companion and bedside drawer inhabitant.

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Tease PLAY’s friendly mini rabbit ears down and around your clitoral hood to beckon spine-tingling vibes, and use its plump and low-rumbling head for a versatile sensation. This mini rabbit really is a vibrator for women!

PLAY’s cute rabbit ears are perfect for edging around your clitoris and its variety of 8 vibrate patterns mean you can ramp up the vibes or slow down and relax.

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This mini rabbit vibrator is designed for women who want to focus on their clitoris but prefer something softer and flexible.

I would recommend this little bunny for women post-birth, or experiencing menopausal symptoms as PLAY really is ‘go at your own pace‘.

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Great for sensitive or new vibers!

The bunny ears are super soft and flexible this is a great vibrator to get you in the mood. Definitely recommend the one for any new vibers or anyone that is nervous about trying a rabbit because it's small, easy to use and when you want more stimulation you just use the bunnies head! It's also really cute and small I'd recommend this as a "travel vibe"!

Thank you!

Thank you Anna for your recommendations- you are completely right, why should I stop at one?! Love your brand but I love your products more - Sandra-D

Funny Bunny

Hey this is a really good vibrator. I can use the ears for soft vibrations or the head to press down harder on my clit. Great!

Powerful palming

The head and ears give me enough power to get there. The packaging and unboxing was so great, thanks!

Alexandra D
nothing compares

None of my other clit vibrators comapre with this one. I think because of the ears - soft or faster vibes means I can use it in so many ways. And it's so cute!