escape clitoris suction vibrator.



The ESCAPE clitoris suction vibrator for women is the signature product from the Know Yourself Range.

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ESCAPE’s main feature is of course, its clitoral suction and clitoral air-pulsing modes for which there are 4 of each. The creme-de-la-creme of multi-use vibrators for women, it boasts long-length, girth and multiple vibration modes (17 in total).

Use it internally as a G-Spot vibrator to angle inside to your favourite pleasure spots and let the vibrations work their magic. Give the delightful heat stick setting a try for an additional sensation.

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Aimed at simulating oral-sex for women, the ESCAPE clitoris suction vibrator also has a ribbed vibrating shaft, so really is two vibrators in one.

The versatility of this product also means it can be used in partner play, it’s heat stick willing to go anywhere and everywhere!

ESCAPE’s strong clitoris suction mode will make you feel phenomenal – your easiest and most fun purchase of the year!

Try these settings with your free sample of organic lubricant for best results and work your way up from a tickle to a treat! And the best part is you don’t even have to ask or say thank you afterwards.

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Customer Reviews

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Hit The Spot

Love this product and would totally recommend it. The heat is different option. Just what I needed.
Love the packaging and messages that come with it.

stick lover
strong vibrations

The stick actually is my favourite bit - it's so strong and I like the heated option. Kind of 2 vibrators in one.

Multi-use - great

The suction was a bit too strong for me so I'm giving 4 stars. But the vibes, the heated stick, the packaging, the message - all amazing!

Tiny Dancer
so smart in it's box

the controls make it look like it has a little bow tie on! Once I got around all the controls and functions (I had to figure out what I liked best), I had a great time with this vibrator. it really is like 5 vibrators in one! Thanks Anna

Tammy Tee
The partner I never had...

The suction and air pulse is the partner I never had... seriously how did they take so long to invent this technology...?! love the colour too