What is a Yoni Massage & How Can It Help Heal Sexual Trauma?


Yoni [noun]: a stylised representation of the female genitalia that, in Hinduism, is a sign of generative power and that symbolises the Hindu goddess Shakti (an emblem of feminine power). 


This Sanskrit word has been conceptualised as nature’s gateway of all births and divine force, particularly in tantric practices. 


In other words, and in layperson’s terms, a yoni is that of the vagina, vulva, and the uterus—sheer beauty. Something that should be cherished, valued, and seen as a source of empowerment.


Which is why today I’ll be talking about the yoni in all of its beauty. I’ll introduce the concept of a yoni massage, as well as how a yoni massage could possibly help women heal their sexual trauma. 


But first… 

Healing Sexual Trauma With Yoni Massage


What is a Yoni Massage? 

A yoni massage is a type of sensual massage, and is embedded in tantra. The thing about a yoni massage however is that it is not sexual in nature. It is more of an emotional journey. That is not to say that some don’t experience an orgasm, or even multiple orgasms, during a yoni massage… but this is not the goal.


It’s a practice that not only allows women to get to know their bodies better and to form deeper intimate connections with people, but also opens up a channel which may allow them to work through their experience of sexual trauma. 


By this I mean, it may help a person navigate and heal from their sexual trauma as it encourages them take control of their sexuality and learn about the pleasure their body is capable of.


So what exactly is a yoni massage? Each yoni massage can be different, and it can be done by either a professional or a partner. 


Before the yoni massage begins, warming up the body will pave the way for even more comfort. This is something a professional should offer. If you are doing a yoni massage with a partner, make sure that they too engage in practices that warm up the body.


Sensual touch, warm massage oils, and massaging of erogenous and non-erogenous zones will aid in relaxation and be a great way to gain peace and comfort for the more intimate part, aka the yoni massage.


A yoni massage has several techniques including:


  1. Cupping: when a hand is positioned in a cup-like shape and held over the vagina. The person giving this yoni massage will then move their hand in a circular motion, proceeding to flatten their hand against the vaginal opening. After this, they may use the palm of their hand to massage the entire area.


  1. Circling: A person giving a yoni massage could use the tip of their finger to circle the clitoris in a clockwise and counterclockwise motion, changing the rhythm from small circles to larger ones. Then, they may alternate the pressure they’re using with their finger.


  1. Pushing and Pulling: The giver of a yoni massage may push down on the clitoris gently, making small pulsing movements. After this, they could pull their finger down the clitoral shaft while keeping pressure on the clitoris, then alternating by pulling their finger down the other side of the clitoral shaft.


  1. Tugging: The professional or giver of a yoni massage could place the clitoris between their thumb and index finger, gently tugging on it away from the body, then releasing. Then, they may tug the vaginal lips away from the body, and release. These two practices are then alternated. 


  1. Rolling: The giver of a yoni massage could hold the clitoris in between their thumb and index finger, then slowly rub the clitoris between their fingers (as if they were trying to snap their fingers).




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How to Prepare for a Yoni Massage

How to Start Yoni Massage

Hopefully these techniques have not been too daunting for you. And remember, a yoni massage is something that can be entirely empowering when done under the right circumstances. 


You should fully trust and feel completely safe in the presence of the person giving you a yoni massage, whether it is a professional or a partner.


Having said that, to prepare for a yoni massage is just as important as receiving it. 


Here are some ways that you can prepare for a yoni massage:

The Scene

Wherever you’re getting your yoni massage, make sure to feel at ease and comfortable. If you’re doing it at your home, you can set up the massage area using candles, soft sheets, music, or whatever else brings about a sense of relaxation. If it’s at a professional establishment, perhaps you’d like to see the space beforehand to get a sense of its energy.

The Mindset

When you’re getting a yoni massage, it should be a slow-paced, and welcoming experience. If there are any feelings of being rushed or if you’re too nervous or anxious about it, perhaps it is not the right time to get a yoni massage. Having the right mindset means not being preoccupied about life’s mundane activities or overly nervous about other things going on. To have a clear, open mind will be beneficial and help you to get the most out of your yoni massage. 

The Body

To gain the benefits of a yoni massage, consider your posture. Make sure to lie down comfortably on the floor, bed, or chosen space and perhaps grab a pillow for under your head and under your back. Then, you can proceed to place both feet firmly on the surface, with your knees bent, and your legs open. Another important aspect is to focus on your breathing. Inhale through the nose softly and hold it for about seven seconds, then slowly exhale deeply for a count of about eight seconds, concentrating the energy in your belly area. Repeat this breathing exercise three times before your yoni massage.


What’s arguably most important during your yoni massage however is to take note of how your body is feeling. Listen to your body.


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How Can a Yoni Massage Help Heal Sexual Trauma?

Having talked about the ins and outs of a yoni massage, the ultimate question is: how can it help one heal from sexual trauma?

Sensual Touch, Warm Massage Oils for Yoni Massage

You see, a yoni massage is a way in which to clear spiritual blockages that could be holding some people back from progressing forward. It can recharge one’s sexual energy that has been blocked by destructive trauma. 


A yoni massage, with its slow and rhythmic techniques, can help ground the recipient, making them even more aware of their surroundings and to be truly present in identifying what their bodies are feeling. 


This kind of massage may seem out of one’s comfort zone, but when it’s done in a safe space, it can promote exploration and mindfulness. It has the power to reawaken one’s sexuality in a supportive environment, putting it back in balance.


A yoni massage is also a way in which to deal with the trauma. Using tools such as deep breathing, mindfulness, and having an open mind, body, and soul is a great way to tap into the healing energy that a yoni massage offers. It is a spiritual experience that is powerful enough to clear stagnant energy and recharge the soul through the art of touch. 


To end off, it’s important to note that getting a yoni massage for sexual trauma is by no means a one-size-fits all approach. It may take time and patience, or it may not work at all if not done under the right circumstances. Finding someone you trust and feel 100 percent comfortable with however is a great start.


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Relaxing and Set The Scene For Yoni Massage

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